Jon McDuffie

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I'm a programmer, web developer, and seeker of really awesome things. I'm interested in programming, astrophysics, cryptography, and just generally learning cool things. I'm also a published black hole researcher.



Master of Arts - Teaching
Kennesaw State University

July, 2012

B.S. Physics
Georgia Institute of Technology

June, 2011



Calagator is an open source ruby gem for creating a community event aggregator. I've contributed to many different areas of the codebase inlcuding: the styles for mobile devices, the ruby code for impelementing a date-based event filter, and some javascript to handle user-interaction on the front-end.

MAY 2015


NewDevATL is a project started by the Atlanta participants in FreeCodeCamp. The purpose of the project is to provide a beginner-friendly list of resources for new developers in the Atlanta region. This is a new project, and I am larely responsible for the creation of the initial codebase including: web design and javascript functionality.

MAY 2015


Engineering Manager
Treasury Prime

I lead multiple teams with 6-8 direct reports including, multiple backend teams and the QA team. I helped to scale the engineering team and to implement/improve the planning/development loop. I worked closely with engineering leadership to improve our hiring process and to improve engineer retention once we'd found the best talent.

2022 - 2023

Senior Software Engineer
Treasury Prime

I first lead the UI team at Treasury Prime and later led the payments and cards teams. As lead for the UI team, I designed solutions to support improved documentation and customer personalization. I worked closely with design and product to ensure a consistent, secure banking admin experience for both our fintech and bank customers.

On the backend API teams, I lead design and implementaion of many key pieces of the Treasury Prime integration including: scaling the card system from thousands of dollars of transactions per day to millions, rolling out customer requested features such as card spend controls, and paper check issuing. I worked closely with our customers to design solutions that would address thier varied payment needs and to fit banking regulatory requirements.

2021 - 2023

Senior Software Engineer

I was the tech lead for the team that primarily maintained the customer facing admin portal for Vonage Business Cloud customers. I worked closely with product and design to deliver a funtional and intuitive experience for users who want to manage their phone systems. This was a full stack team that handled technoligies at all points in the stack from setting up AWS infrastructure all the way to implemeting and testing the flows that users interact with.

2020 - 2021

Software Engineer

I worked on several large customer facing applications at Vonage. The first was an application that provided end users the ability take advantage of the Unified Communications service provided by Vonage. It was an all-in-one solution for managing contacts, messaging, voicemails, calls, and many other features. The most interesting part of this project was the integration with a softphone installed on the users computer that allowed them to make and manage calls directly from the web application. I started as a devleoper on this project and later became the lead for the project.

Next I moved to working on the admin portal for the same service. This application allowed admins to configure all aspects of their phone systems, and to purchase new services for their accounts.

2015 - 2020

Physics Teacher
River Ridge High School

I taught AP physics at River Ridge High School. I supervised numerous clubs and teams including the Science Olympiad team, the ping pong club, ultimate frisbee club, Mathematical Modeling team, and the cyber security team.

JULY 2013 - JUNE 2015

Math & Science Teacher
Berrien County High School

I taught Math II and Physical Science at a rural school in south Georgia.

JULY 2012 - JUNE 2013


A Correlation Between the Ionization State of the Inner Accretion Disk and the Eddington Ratio of Active Galactic Nuclei
Pdf here:

APRIL 2011



Book Shelf

A simple application that pulls a random sample of books from my LibraryThing library of books. The application is build using React and Tailwind and is hosted with Netlify


I designed and developed a database backed website to manage my classes. I developed my own homework platform for assigning, checking, and grading physics homework. Languages Used: PHP, Javascript, SQL

I have been contributing to the development of the Calagator rails engine. Calagator is an open source community calendaring platform. My contributions have primarily been front end contributions. I redesigned many of the mobile page styles and contributed to refactoring the JavaScript to make it compatible with Turbolinks. I have also contributed to the ruby code as well by implementing a time-based filter option.



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